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Turkish Delight Cake

Turkish Delight Cake


Turkish Delight Cake

Turkish Delight Cake is a soft, chewy candy made with sugar, water, and starch. It comes in flavors like rose or lemon and may have nuts. After it sets, it’s cut into squares and coated with powdered sugar. People enjoy it worldwide and often give it as a gift.

Enter the world of magic with our Turkish Delight Cake, a confectionery masterpiece that is sure to hold you spellbound!  Visualize this: thin layers of sponge cake that has been flavored with rosewater from an exotic land, carefully spread apart by whipped cream and an irresistible layer of Turkish delight jelly.
The enchantment doesn’t stop there – each portion is topped by a medley of pounded pistachios and a bit of powdered sugar giving it refinement and crispness.  Close your eyes as the scent of rose petals takes you to Istanbul’s busy bazaars where dessert makers are playing their sweet songs on every corner.

When looking for something special or just wanting to pamper yourself, our Turkish Delight Cake offers the ultimate means of escape into pure bliss. So why don’t you taste a slice of this enchanted creation and let the flavors fill your mouth?

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